About e-Learning

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The Department of e-Learning at Sankara Nethralaya was established in March 2003 to provide a centre of excellence focused on the development of Ophthalmology,
Optometry & other sub-specialities of eye care.

Principally, the Department of e-Learning is responsible for sharing Sankara Nethralaya’s classroom sessions with institutes/clinics all over India.


Through electronic media

Provide eye care expertise and knowledge

Networking – National & International

Stay connected with SN Alumni

Take steps to reach out to a large number of Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and other eye care professionals

Serve the community as a self-assessment on Ophthalmology, Optometry and Nursing

Archival of electronic version SN Knowledge

To establish itself as a financially self-sustain model.

In September 2003, the Department of e-learning launched a web portal www.ekalavya.org to share the classroom sessions through flash-based
content, which can be accessed by all registered members. As of today, the web portal has more than 5000 registered members and has the
following features

Video on Demand

Online Quiz

Grand Rounds

Guest Lecturers