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This portal addresses a variety of people involved in the delivery of eye care. Programs have been custom made for each specialty concerned. For example: Ophthalmology, Optometry, Ophthalmic Nursing etc.

There are structured courses in various subjects. Grand rounds are an important aspect where in once in 7-15 days a new case will be posted on the web along with a discussion. Readers are encouraged to participate in the discussions.

The course content is written by experts in each field and contains practical information that is not present in standard text books. The subject is presented in easy to read format supported by pictures and animations where necessary.

We hope you can make the best use of this portal and we appreciate your feedback.

Ophthalmic Nursing
Medical Lab Technology

Cataract Surgery is now viewed as refractive as well as rehabilitative procedure. The modern trend towards IOL selection is more customized and personalized. The day is not too far when we can have wave front guided corrections in the IOL. How to calculate IOL power in the paediatric age group, following Refractive surgery, Performing Contact and Non Contact biometry are some of the challenges facing the clinician…. The SN Academy is conducting a Continuing Optometric Education program for 2014 on various clinically relevant topics….
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